Our Story

Gelato Brothers & Brew Bros Coffee – We are a European experiences company that brings a part of Europe to America in food.

The beginning of the Gelato Brothers’ story takes us back to regular family summer vacations to the coastal town of Vouliagmeni, Greece.

As you meander through the beachfront streets, the sweet aroma of gourmet espresso, hot-off-the-iron waffles, and fresh made gelato drifts through the open doors of the Gelato Bars throughout the town, tempting tourists and locals alike. With scents like that, it was only a matter of time before our family was lured into a local shop and our daily habit was formed. We were instantly captured by the intentional commitment to simple, premium ingredients and the community found within the shops. From businessmen enjoying an espresso to schoolboys whooping as they waited in line for their dessert, to moms and toddlers sharing Nutella®-ladened waffles, people of all backgrounds were seen enjoying everything these quaint shops had to offer.  Our family could not get enough!

We fell in love with the laidback approach of, savoring every taste, making friends over desserts, and being present for it all. Combine this slower approach to life with our love for gelato and we simply had no choice but to bring the European way of life back to our home state of Tennessee. Fast forward and Gelato Brothers – Brew Bros Coffee has a brick and mortar storefront (our flagship in Talbott), a microshop in Knoxville, and our on-the-go dessert trailer.  Our simple ingredients, European-inspired gelato and coffees encourage you to slow down and relax.  All this while satisfying your sweet addiction.

We have a strong commitment to quality and excellence every time you visit. With this in mind, every #Brogato®, latte, and espresso shot are made-to-order. We use only Brew Bros® small batch locally roasted, organic coffee beans. Our cones, waffles, and #Brodallions® are hand-pressed using only the finest ingredients, home made vanilla and local farm eggs. And finally, our authentic European style gelato. Each serving provides you a premium European experience that we fell in love with across the pond.

Come on in for a visit, we promise you won’t soon forget.