If you’re planning a wedding, there is much that you can potentially become overwhelmed by, but the reality is that many of the questions you may have are easier to resolve than they seem. One of the biggest factors of a wedding is the food, with many planning couples finding themselves dissatisfied with the traditional catering options. Even if you’re open to the idea of food served by a wait staff, or a buffet, you may want to supplement it with something a bit more creative. This is one reason why food trucks have become popular features of weddings. There’s a clear appeal to this option since, according to Second
Kitchen, about 80% of all food truck users describe food trucks as a fun and exciting experience. Let’s dive into food trucks and see why they might be perfect for your wedding.

1. They Can Fit Every Meal

There are a wide variety of different meals that food trucks can potentially serve. For example, many people use food trucks for ice cream catering. You could have a traditional meal or buffet as your primary offering, but, instead of cake, you could simply rely upon food trucks for dessert. An ice cream catering food truck would be perfect for this purpose.

2. They’re Easy to Coordinate

A big reason why people love food trucks at weddings is that they’re simple. Rather than sitting around, waiting for food to be served — not to mention navigating a crowded buffet — guests can simply wait in a short line, place an order for their food, and receive it at the truck.

3. They’re Diverse and Exciting

A food truck can serve something similar to fast food; they can also serve food that is borderline gourmet. Often, food truck food is international, but you could also opt for a truck that serves classic local fare. Whether you’re seeking ice cream or high-class dinner catering for your wedding, the right food truck can fulfill your needs. As previously mentioned, people are often impressed by food trucks. When you have a food truck at your wedding, your event is no longer standard. You’ll be able to truly impress your guests while sticking to your budget.

Your wedding is a day you’ll always remember, but having something different at the event can make it memorable for everyone in attendance. Look into your local food truck offerings. You may be surprised by how much you can impress your guests!