What’s for lunch? The question is common for many people working in offices. A food truck is a convenient way to offer employees delicious, catered lunch options.

Interesting types of food trucks you could bring to your office include:

These are just some of the many unique types of food trucks you could bring to your office for your employees. Let’s take a closer look at some creative food truck ideas below.

1. The Coffee Food Truck

Coffee drinkers in America consume 2.7 9-ounce cups of coffee every day. Make it easier for coffee lovers to get their much-needed fix with office catering. A robust, tasty cup of java from a coffee food truck is the perk people need to get through their workday.

It’s about more than the cold brew a coffee food truck provides. Specialty lattes and artisan coffee flavors breathe life into an otherwise stagnant afternoon. A coffee food truck gives workers the tasty jolt they need.

2. The Slider Food Truck

When lunch interests are diverse, sliders are the solution for office catering. Hire food trucks that offer a wide spectrum of comfortably-bite-sized sliders. Your employees get the option to try delicious slider selections as well as fast favorites.

3. The Waffle Food Truck

Waffles are perfect at any hour of the day. The alluring scent of waffles will lure in even the most finicky eaters. Surprise your employees with this sweet or savory treat that outshines donuts and bagels. Go Belgian-style with a waffle food truck ready to make a satisfying impression.

4. The Asian Fusion Food Truck

Bring on the kimchi quesadillas, sushi burritos, and Korean pork tacos. These unique foods are born from tasty Asian fusion. The best Mexican and Asian cuisine fused together transforms an otherwise boring lunch. Hire an Asian fusion food truck to park near your office. Their menu items are a tasty lunch option that’s hard to refuse.

Affordable food truck catering is very satisfying and affordable. Choose unique lunch ideas that are perfect for catering lunch for your office. Contact lunch catering experts and introduce tasty, new lunch options to your employees. They have a wide range of food trucks, including gourmet cuisine.