The Affogato, Gelato drowned, literally.

If you have ever traveled to Europe and visited an italian gelato and coffee shop you may have encountered one of the most unique items on its menu, the affogato. Its a scoop or two of vanilla gelato with dark and creamy espresso poured over it in a cup. You might be asking, is this a hot or cold coffee drink. The answer is yes. As the espresso starts to melt the drink becomes somewhat similar to a latte macchiato but there is always a treat of the still soft frozen gelato that is left to enjoy with just hints of the espresso still in the bottom of the cup. It is a very delightful treat.

Interestingly enough, the word affogato translated in italian means “drowned”, as the gelato is drowned in espresso.  So if you walk by and catch just a small part of italian conversation and they use the word affogato, it might not be a good idea to jump in and express that you want one as well.  Keep in mind, many italians also part took in some missing business partners trying to swim in cement shoes.

The Brogato™ Experience

At Gelato Brothers we have our own version of the affogato, called the Brogato. Similar in recipe with just a change up in flavor, we use the Stracciatella gelato instead of only vanilla. Stracciatella gelato’s most similar american cousin would be chocolate chip ice cream. Stracciatella has shards of dark chocolate chips that adds little frozen pieces of sweet cocoa to the brogato that enhances the richness of the espresso. It is like having two italian treats in one.

First, the fresh pulled espresso tamed by the creaminess of the gelato. Then, as your drink experience ends your dessert experience begins.  What remains in the bottom of the cup is the still slightly frozen gelato that did not fully melt swimming in what is left of the espresso.  The homemade waffle medallion, what we call the Brodallions can be used to help scoop up the creamy left over mixture and add a crunchy texture to those last few bites.

The Home of the Brogato™

The name of our Brogato is a take on the similarity it has to the affogato and the “brothers” of Gelato Brothers.  Gelatos Brothers is the home of the one and only world famous Brogato.  There are three ways to enjoy Gelato Brothers.

The Shop

There is a brick and mortar location in Talbott, Tennessee where you have the option of gelato, coffee, homemade brodalions and custom made sandwiches.

The Food Truck

If you can’t get to the shop to sit and enjoy the delicious menu items, Gelato Brothers can come to you.  Our Gelato Brothers food truck is ready and waiting to be part of you special event.

Cedar Pond Farms Wedding Venue

The owners of Gelato Brothers in keeping with their knack for providing unique customer experiences also own Cedar Pond Farms, a wedding venue where their gelato, coffee and other food items can be part of visiting newlyweds nuptial events.  Make sure to click the link to visit the Cedar Pond Farms website.