If you’re looking for a dreamy, rustic location for your wedding, Cedar Pond Farms is the place to be. This sprawling farm, just an hour outside of the city, offers the perfect backdrop for a romantic and intimate wedding ceremony. But what’s better than a farm wedding? A farm wedding that serves Gelato Brothers’ delicious handmade gelato! As the owners of Cedar Pond Farms and Gelato Brothers, it’s no surprise that they know how to serve up perfection. Let’s dig in!

The Story of Cedar Pond Farms and Gelato Brothers:

Cedar Pond Farms has been in the family for generations, serving a variety of purposes throughout the years. From a dairy farm to a luxury retreat, the owners decided to transform the farm into a wedding venue in 2016. It’s now become a popular destination for couples seeking a rustic outdoor wedding experience. The owners also owned a gelato shop in the city, known as Gelato Brothers. The success of the shop led them to launch Gelato Brothers at Cedar Pond Farms as well.

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The Delicious Gelato Offerings:

Gelato Brothers serves up their well-known gelato in a variety of flavors at Cedar Pond Farms weddings. Some of their most popular flavors include classic vanilla and chocolate, as well as more exotic flavors like Pistachio and Lemon Sorbetto. Guests can enjoy this refreshing treat while taking in the scenic views of the farm.

Plan Your Perfect Farm Wedding:

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Cedar Pond Farms offers several wedding packages to cater for all kinds of budgets. They provide you lists for everything from catering and decor to floral arrangements and photography. One perk of booking your wedding with Cedar Pond Farms is that they offer Gelato Brothers’ gelato to their clients for their wedding day. Imagine how excited your guests will be when they see the Gelato Brothers’ cart brimming with delicious flavors.

 A Gelato Treat for All Occasions:

Not just for weddings, Gelato Brothers is perfect for any occasion. From corporate events to birthday parties or just a day out at the farm, the gelato adds an extra special touch to any event. The variety of flavors makes sure there is something to serve everyone. No matter what the occasion, you can trust Gelato Brothers to make it an unforgettable experience.

A farm wedding with Gelato Brothers is the perfect combination of rustic charm and indulgent sweetness. Cedar Pond Farms provides a breathtaking backdrop for your special day while Gelato Brothers’ gelato simply adds a little extra deliciousness. Together, you’re sure to have a wedding that will be as memorable as it is beautiful. Book your visit today!

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