Catering Guide to your Delivery Today


We serve the Knoxville and Morristown Surrounding areas with “drop-off” style Catering.

We make every effort to make sure you know about the products we deliver to your office or party.  This includes allergens as well as finding the flavor you love in your delivery bins.   Please make sure to know that our Brosammiches® always contain gluten in the baked Brodallion ® waffle Chips.   Make sure to know about our full line of Cold Brew Coffees and on-site dessert and coffee truck.  Perfect for breakfast with our hot belgium waffles delivered right to your door step.  Minimums do apply for onsite setup.

See the details below about your Gelato or Coffee Drop Off Catering. Contact us if you have any questions about your deliver or any concerns about allergens. 865-300-5397

Stracciatella Gelato

Color Code of Product is – White with Chocolate shards of Italian chocolate.

You will recognize your flavor as the Italian Chocolate Chip flavor.  This is a Madagascar Vanilla Bean with fine shards of Italian chocolate pieces. This product contains dairy.

Belgium Dark Chocolate Chunk

Color Code of Products is Brown – Chocolate Lovers unite over this rich chocolate gelato.   This product contains eggs and dairy.

Southern Butter Pecan Gelato

Color Code of the product is white – Butter Pecan lovers are going to be wowed. This premium experience is layered with maple syrup striping throughout.  It will make you rethink ice cream in this flavor.  This flavor contains nuts and dairy.

Italian Spumoni Gelato

Color Code of Product is Green, Pink and Brown – The Italians don’t do a Neapolitan.  They do Spumoni.  It is layers of Italian Chocolate, special sweet cherries ( with little chunks ) and pistachio gelato with small pieces of the nuts.  This product contains dairy and nuts.

Real Pistachio Gelato

Color Code of Product is Green. Pistachio to the max.  This will really impress.   This product contains nuts and dairy.