Food is one of the toughest things to figure out when you’re planning a wedding. Catering for weddings isn’t easy to arrange and many brides and grooms find themselves with an underwhelming menu after a lot of planning. One of the latest trends in wedding food that’s solving a lot of problems, however, is food trucks. Food trucks have long been used to cater events, but more recently they’ve become popular options for wedding catering. If you’ve never been to a wedding with a food truck, you may not quite understand the appeal just yet. Let’s find out why food trucks have been sweeping the wedding scene.

1. They’re Crowd Pleasers

Simply put, people love food trucks in general. According to 2ndKitchen, an estimated 80% of all food truck users described the experience as different and unique, exciting, new, and fun. But they’re especially exciting at weddings, where they still aren’t overly common. Everyone wants their wedding to make a great impression. A food truck could be what you need to truly impress your guests.

2. They Offer Choices

Your menu could potentially be much more exciting and interesting if you choose a food truck for your wedding. Food trucks allow your guests to choose their meals on the day of, rather than selecting from a pre-planned menu well ahead of the wedding. As long as you choose a food truck that offers a variety of different options, your guests will be able to take full advantage of it, and they’ll appreciate the gesture.

3. Simple Clean Up

Rather than having to worry about caterers cleaning up (or even pitching in yourself) you can simply watch the food truck drive away and for the most part, call it a day. Food trucks massively simplify clean-up on your wedding day; guests can eat off of disposable plates and simply toss them when they’re done.

4. Flexibility

Rather than having a set time for people to eat and sit down, you can allow your guests to eat as they want, when they want.

5. Cost Effectiveness

Usually, food trucks cost between $10 and $35 per guest. This is much more cost-effective than many traditional caterers while allowing a great variety for your guests.

Shop around and see if a food truck would be right for your wedding. You may be amazed by what you find!