Learn more about how things work with our experiences

5 Min from Knoxville Market Square - Be the Barista

So you want to know how to be a barista like your Starbucks® friends you watch and respect each day.  Well here is your chance.  Come in with your friends and learn the inner workings of the barista world.   You can be sure to fill up on caffeine if you want, or yes we do have a delicious dark roast decaf for you as well.  Plan on making many lattes, Brogatos®, espresso shots, macchiatos, Frettos® and more.     

5 Min from Market Square Italy by mouth Experience

History is so important and this is no different when it comes to what we eat.  Come and try this European experience and learn about many of the traditional flavors of European gelato while in Knoxville.  Come ready to learn and enjoy some sweet tastes and top it off with fresh pulled espresso. 

25 Min from Knoxville Chicken Experiences @ Cedar Pond Farms

So you want to know how its made do you?  Well here is your chance.  We make our fresh cones and waffle chip Brodallions® from our fresh country eggs at our farm.  We offer you a behind the scenes look at the life of our chickens and egg washing process.  Cedar Pond Farms is our family farm and is a Tennessee Licensed Unclassified Egg Washing facility.  We hope to see you soon down on the farm.

25 Min from Knoxville bake cones like a pro

These cones and Brodallion® waffle chips just don’t make themselves!   Yes we take the time to make batter from scratch and use home made vanilla and our farm fresh eggs to make these little epicurean treats.  You get the chance to experience our little baking kitchen and whip up a batch from scratch maidwhiz.com. You will be saying “Salute” when you toast your espresso shot with a little waffle chip you made yourself.