About Gelato

No doubt gelato popularity in the United States is quickly growing.  There are so many reasons why gelato is the best sweet treat for any function or event.  It is so much creamier than its air-fluffed cousin, ice cream. And, because it is served at about 10 degrees warmer than conventional ice cream your tongue does not become so numb that it can’t experience all the fresh flavors.  Gelato is clearly the better choice.

The Owners

The owners of Gelato Brothers enjoy traveling abroad.  And, Italy is a favorite.  While traveling, they have experienced unique locations that include small family-owned shops and markets.  Much of what Americans eat and drink is influenced by marketing campaigns and the mass production of products that keep costs cheap.  It is not a surprise when a traveler visiting a locally owned shop in Europe finds out just what he or she has been missing.  The Wilmoths wanted to share their experience in Italy back home, to East Tennessee.  So, Gelato Brothers was born.  And, like its Italian gelato shop cousins, Gelato Brothers has that European gelato and coffee shop feel.  As you walk in the door of Gelato Brothers the aroma of freshly ground coffee will take you to small village cafe.  The Wilmoths goal in creating Gelato Brothers was to create a unique European experience to share.

Gelato Brothers Cafe

The Gelato Brothers Cafe is located in Talbott, Tennessee along highway 11E.  And, is between Morristown and Jefferson City.  Conveniently,  Gelato Brothers Cafe is a little over a 30-minute drive to Knoxville and Pigeon Forge.    The shop is designed with colorful walls and textures.  Including, subway tile and sheet metal wainscoting.  And, there are Several high-top tables where you can sit and enjoy your gelato, coffee or freshly made sandwich.  Also, there is an outside seating area arranged much like an Italian cafe you would see in Europe.  Gelato Brothers is your East Tennessee Gelato & Coffee Connection.

Gelato Brothers Menu


The menu at Gelato Brothers is always growing and evolving with new tasty and unique options.   Serving over 20 different flavors from our Madagascar Vanilla Bean, Strawberry Cheesecake or our Belgium Dark Chocolate Chunk.  Each choice is packed with flavor.  Dairy-free options are available like Mango Bango, and more.  And, if you are not sure what you are in the mood for, free samples are available for the tasting. So, consider a visit to our cafe, your gelato, and coffee East Tennessee Connection.


it is our belief that good coffee comes from freshly roasted beans Thus, our coffee beans are freshly roasted to get the most flavor.  Our menu boast of all types of coffee, from espresso to just a common cup of joe.  We also have menu items that mix the espresso with our stracciatella gelato called the Brogatto.   Stracciatella is similar to chocolate chip ice cream but so much better.  Also, we sell our prepackaged signature blend coffees for you to enjoy at home.


Gelato Brother sandwiches are made with fresh homemade bread that we make ourselves.  Our bread is made in the house from scratch and uses only the finest quality flour and other fresh ingredients.  So, consider a visit to our cafe, your East Tennessee sandwich connection.

Gelato Brothers Food Truck

Gelato Brothers is a food truck that can bring deliciousness to your function or event.  Whether it be in Knoxville, Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg, we can come to you.  So, whether you have a corporate function or a wedding please consider having Gelato Brothers cater.