Cutting the cake is a time-honored tradition. Everyone looks forward to it.

But what if you don’t want cake? Maybe you want something a little bit different. Why not try some ice cream?

People have their reasons for not going for a giant wedding cake. And ice cream is certainly one of the most popular dessert options out there. Here are some interesting reasons that people have turned to ice cream for wedding cake alternatives — and why you might do the same.

Good for a Summer Theme

Many weddings take place during the summer. Even more of those weddings take place outside. Guests are probably going to want something nice and cool to eat. Cake might not be your best choice for your situation.

This is where ice cream, as an example of wedding cake alternatives, comes in. The guests can cool down while eating. Plus, you can get creative with your ice cream and offer different flavors to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

Light and Gluten-Free

Cakes can be pretty heavy and can sometimes be problematic for those with food sensitivities. Ice cream is a great option if you want to choose something lighter.

What makes ice cream lighter? Studies show that half of ice cream is comprised of air, whereas gelato may contain just a quarter to 30% air in the final product. Air makes a frozen dessert lighter. And if your ice cream contains no gluten, it’s a better option for those with dietary restrictions. While you may still need to provide wedding cake alternatives for lactose intolerant guests, ice cream can be a crowd-pleaser.

Save Money

Cakes take time and money to make. If your wedding budget is already stretched thin, you may want to forgo the expensive option for wedding cake alternatives. The only thing that you have to worry about is keeping the ice cream cool. Plus, ice cream only needs cones, bowls, spoons, and toppings. You can even have an ice cream buffet for all of the guests.

More than ever, couples want to put a personalized stamp on their special day. Opting for ice cream in lieu of cake can help you do just that. For more tips or to explore our frozen dessert options for your wedding, please get in touch with us today!