Food trucks may be an innovative idea for your next catered party at your home or for a special club event. This type of catering is better for warmer weather through the fall or, in the colder weather, a special holiday event that does not have rain or snow in the forecast.

Food trucks provide versatile catering services and menus for all tastes and budgets. Premium food trucks can serve upscale and trendy food, made the way you choose, creating a more special occasion for all.

There are many reasons to choose a food truck for your next catered event. Here are just a few of them.

Food Trucks Can Travel to You

While catering services can theoretically set up at any event venue, they may be limited by the equipment or available space. Food trucks, on the other hand, can roll with the punches. They can easily travel and set up at school or church locations, at festivals, in local parks, on the corner, or just about anywhere your event might take place. Eating food outdoors can be a unique experience for a club picnic, special event at your home, or even a wedding. A food truck is less expensive and more mobile than a restaurant or catering business.

Many restaurants have mobile food trucks that will come to your event and cater to the menu that you seek. They can park in front of your home on the street, in the parking lot where you work, or wherever your club meets. They can come to a state park or special locations and your guest can be served delicious food. Did you know that about 47% of millennials have eaten food from a food truck? It’s no wonder, considering how they can travel to anywhere a party is happening!

Food Trucks Have Versatile Menus

Food trucks serve a variety of different types of food, which means you can easily find a catering service that meets your needs. You can find food trucks with seafood menus, hamburgers, Mexican food, Chinese, Italian, salads and soups, barbecue, pizza, tacos, sandwiches, specialty desserts, and much more. Try to find one or two food trucks that cater to the tastes of your family or group you’re serving. Explore different cultures or enjoy familiar favorites when you hire a food truck catering service.

Food Trucks Support Local Businesses

Most food trucks are run by restaurant owners and entrepreneurs who are local to your community. When you hire them, you’re supporting employment in your area and helping a small business thrive. At a time when many restaurants and other local businesses need more support than ever, using a food truck’s catering service can make a huge difference — all while providing a safer way to dine!

These are the many reasons why hiring a food truck may be an excellent choice for a catering service for your next special event. For more information on how our dessert catering service can make your occasion even more special, contact us today.