Ice cream trucks and food trailers are popping up in parking areas and vacant lots. They are located at Wal-marts to gas stations. Although, not new, food trucks have made a comeback. And, are revolutionizing the way we dine in the 21st century. Each truck offers a new culinary experience.

Historical Origins

Ice Cream Trucks and Bread Trailers

It beckons back to the days of my childhood when almost daily there was the Helms bread truck in the morning. And, in the afternoon the joyous jingle of the ice cream truck. Well, more like a sketchy van making its rounds. Kids from all over the neighborhood would flock to it like a farmer arriving with feed for the chickens. So, each of us with quarters, nickels, and dimes in hand would make our way. Most likely with the money we earned taking out the trash or turning in and getting deposits on used glass coke bottles.

Then, the bread truck stopped to provide the neighborhood with moist and warm donuts sprinkled with sugar or coated with glaze. I assume they had sandwich bread too but that was not my interest at the time. There was excitement when food was delivered to you from a truck.

These vehicles were full of choices of delightful frozen sugar and cream on a stick stop just for me.

The Milkman

There was also a milkman delivery guy back then as well. But no dopamine fix ever came from the milkman peddling his cow cream. Although, my best friend with the single mom in the neighborhood had an odd resemblance to our local moo juice distributor. Hmmm?…. But, I digress.

Milk Man truck

The Roach Coach

The bottom line is food from a truck is not new. Construction types all over the country knew it was break time/lunch when the horns of the food truck, affectionately called a “roach coach”, echoed across the job site. There is just something unique about food delivered from a truck. For one, it is usually because its cargo contains items or dishes that are not always found at home. For another, it falls between eating a meal or snack at home versus going out and eating at a restaurant where some personal primping may be required. The food truck operators have no concern about how you are dressed.

Todays Food and ice cream Trucks

Food trucks today are run by folks with a passion for their cooking craft.  And, each brings their unique recipes and experiences. Whether it be just a burger or someone of Korean descent wanting to share the authentic dishes from grandma they enjoyed as a child. More home cooks can afford to take the risk and provide their cuisine to those of us out here who want to try something new. A food truck requires a lot less obligation than a brick-and-mortar location.

There was a day when some travel was required if you wanted to try Chinese or other foreign food. Often, little towns just were not big enough for an Asian culinary entrepreneur to afford to take a risk. Food trucks are changing all of that. Small towns can now have Hawaiian, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, gelato, or any other kind of food just by inviting a food truck to their area.  Food trucks are revolutionizing the dining experience.

ice cream and food trucks Knoxville

Food Trucks Revolutionizing Dining Experience

Gelato Brothers Ice cream Truck (trailer)

The owners of Gelato Brothers understand the desire to try new culinary delights. So, they want a visit to our rolling cargo of Italian-style ice cream, Gelato truck, and coffee to make you feel you are visiting a European-style cafe. Much like that of which the owners of Gelato Brothers visited. Visits to European shops and eateries are how the idea of Gelato Brothers came to be. The owners want you to experience what they experienced. But, without all the mess of packing and flying.

The Coffee beans have been hand selected to provide guests with the best espresso, latte, or cappuccino experience.  And yes, we have just coffee for the more traditional java drinker. Recently, we added European-style sandwiches.  And, we make our own high-quality bread that we have worked to perfect.

Gelato Brothers are the best way to get a European cafe experience in East Tennessee.   The compact Gelato Brothers Trailer can easily roll in and set up for your next event.

Contact Gelato Brothers for your next event and experience a unique European experience.

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Gelato and coffee food truck