You want to hire a local food truck or several for a business event, special party for a club or family event and do not know where to begin. Food trucks cater to many diverse types of events. Some offices arrange for food trucks to stop by the office so that employees have several types of food to eat.

One truck can serve about two hundred people in a two-hour period, so deciding how many you need depends on the number of people served. According to M and R Trailers, over 30% of food trucks make money from birthdays, weddings, and business events and operate year-round.

Things To Consider Before Hiring

A food truck needs a place to park, so when you hire one or more, a parking lot or driveway is an important consideration to think about. Do you have parking on the street if it is at your home or a parking lot near your business? Food trucks are large and need some space. Outdoor events in the warmer months are the best time to hire a food truck or outdoor family and neighborhood events.

You should decide on what type of food your guest wants to eat: pizza, hamburgers, ethnic cuisine, ice cream, pastries, coffee, soup, and sandwiches and choose accordingly. One truck may be exactly right for a small event at home or for a small business, or you may want to hire several for a large outdoor festival or corporate event.

Where to Find Good Local Food Trucks

You can ask business associates, family, and friends that may have used local food trucks for events. Often your local town or city may have a professional association that provides a listing of local food trucks that have been in business for a few years. Many local restaurants have mobile food trucks for extraordinary events too. Restaurants with mobile food trucks often provide good service as they have experienced staff, and are trained. Your local Chamber of Commerce may be able to recommend a food truck or a local restaurant association. These are resources you should use to locate food trucks.

Fundraising Events

Food trucks can be a fantastic way to raise money for your local school, clubs, or association event. You can charge an admission fee or try to get a percentage of sales from the food trucks donated to your organization. When hiring a food truck, make sure they are licensed for the city or town where your event is being planned. Food trucks add to your business event and unique events at home.