Gelato Brothers Food Truck will be at the Mardi Growl in Knoxville for the 2022 event on Saturday, March 5.

About Mardi Growl

Mardi Growl is an annual knoxville event that celebrates Mardi Gras. But, unlike its human celebration in New Orleans, Mardi Growl is a time for our dogs to celebrate the occasion with us.  Young-Williams Animal Center host the Annual Mardi Growl event on Saturday, March 5th!  The parade takes place between 11am – 3pm.  Canine friends will be adorned in the latest Mardi Gras fashion.  also, there will be competitions for the celebrating pets and their human handlers.   Gelato Brothers and our food truck is proud to be one of the vendors of Mardi Growl for the 2022 Knoxville event.

About Young-Williams Animal Center

Young-Williams Animal Center is the municipal animal shelter for Knox County and the City of Knoxville. They are the local resource for pet owners in the Knoxville and Knox County area.   Young-Williams Animal Center is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization serving Knoxville and Knox County. They are dedicated to the sheltering and placement of animals and general animal welfare.  They are an open-intake facility and care for more than 11,000 annually.

Young-Williams Animal Center (Facebook link) also has an aggressive spay/neuter program and since 2007 has spayed more than 54,000 dogs and cats.Their Spay/Neuter Solutions offers low-cost options–$45 for cats and $70 for dogs–and convenient access to services via both a Clinic located at 6400 Kingston Pike and a Mobile Spay Shuttle that makes regular visits to different areas in the community. For more information on spaying or neutering, please call 865-215-6599 or visit www.young-williams.org/. 
Gelato Brothers Food Truck is proud to be a vender at this year’s Mardi Growl 2022 in Knoxville.

About Gelato Brothers Food Truck and Catering

Gelato Brothers is the premier source for italian gelato, coffee and sandwiches.

We provide our unique food and catering in three ways.  First, our cafe in Talbott, Tennessee is always ready to serve up our deliciousness where you can sit, relax and enjoy.  Second, our food truck can take our products to you for your next event or function.  and, thirdly, we offer catering and delivery of our specialty sandwiches.

As one of the top catering services in Knoxville and nearby areas we are ready to serve you.  Also, you can rely on us to give you a modern catering experience with our authentic European gelato, locally-roasted coffee, tasty treats, and delicious Sammiches®, all served out of our cafe, food truck or tent.  And, we can travel to all types of events from weddings to corporate parties. Visit our website for more information. Gelatobrothers.com

Gelato and coffee food truck

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