Shawn and Priscilla Wilmoth are the owners of the Gelato Brothers catering business in the Knoxville Tn area. 

Let’s talk TAK-A-WAY today folks. 

Many times we get questions about how long will the product last without being refrozen, should we freeze it immediately upon delivery?

So ciao!, as the Italians say.  We are going to talk about these topics as well as give you some hints about how to properly serve at your DIY Gelato Brothers event.

First how it’s delivered:

Your TAK-A-WAY GELATO will be delivered in a large clear bin with a bag of ice on the bottom. 

How does individual wrapping look:

Each portion will be inside one of our big Bro ( 3 scoops) TAK-A-WAY containers in a freezer-friendly white tub. The tub has a double walled lid with our cute little gelato Bros round logo.  We hand write the flavor of your gelato in each tub on the top lid.

Next are our famous little pink spoons:

Our cute little spoons are packaged in a sealed container in bulk for you to distribute to your guest on top of each container.  For the European experience, we recommend you use the small spoons as this slows down the customer to enjoy the intense flavor of our gelato in little bites. You never want to use a big spoon with a product like a gelato. It’s meant to be savored In small amounts while melting in your mouth. 

Will it melt too fast?

Likely our delivery would be ok for a while but if there is a delay we recommend you have a freezer available.  

Let me make something very clear. You should never have a solid frozen gelato product for serving. The flavor is intensified by having a warm almost shiny starting to melt product. You’ll notice in our proper photos we always show the gelato in a glistening format. This is the ideal temp to consume the gelato for the most flavor. 

When you serve the gelato we recommend that you said it on the counter at least 20 minutes prior to serving. The walls of the outside of the TAK-A-WAY tub should be pliable, not hard.  If the sides are still firm take the lid off and let it warm up for another five minutes.

It may seem crazy to go through these efforts to give you the best experience but that’s what we want for you only the best.

How long did these last re-frozen?

These TAK-A-WAY DYI tubs are individually hand-packed and are good frozen for up to 6 months for your guests to take home if you can’t use them all at once. Guests will love THIS fact that the extras (if there are any!) can be refrozen solid for later.

Brodallion waffle chip distribution: 

You will see some of our white little boxes in your order.  This is what we put our 10 pack of Brodallion in for transporting to your event.  Make sure to open the packs and give a waffle chip to each person for a little crunch. We recommend you set on the top of each cup for your guests with the little pink spoon we talked about earlier.  Encourage your guests to slow down, take small glistening pinks spoonful to your mouth and nibbling on a little crunch from our Brodallion® waffle chip. Let your mind run back to the coast of Italy with the cool ocean breeze in your face. 

Say Ciao! to your friends for us.