You have decided that you want to serve some ice cream desserts at your wedding. If you’re not sure how to incorporate this idea, many ice cream catering businesses can help you. Organized ice cream catering can make your wedding a special memorable event. According to IDFA.org, an average consumer in the US consumes 23 pounds of ice cream or frozen desserts. It’s clear that ice cream is a treat that most everybody loves, so let’s look at how you can make it a part of your special day.

Ice Cream Food Trucks

If your wedding is indoors and outdoors, an ice cream food truck that serves treats to guests is an ideal way to incorporate ice cream into your wedding. Food trucks can serve a variety of ice cream treats to guests — cones, sundaes, ice cream sandwiches, or ice cream cups. Your guests will enjoy the treat in the warmer weather, and it will create nostalgic memories. When they have a choice, it will remind them of being young and running to the ice cream truck out on the street.

Ice Cream Bar

You can set up an ice cream bar inside or outside where guests are served by wait staff. The bar can have options for ice cream sundaes with different toppings — candy, nuts, and whipped cream. The wait staff can make special ice cream sandwiches with different types of ice cream or serve cups of ice cream with toppings. Ice cream cones are popular with all ages, as well.

Gelato Cart

If you want specialized ice cream, you might hire a gelato cart with a server to wait on the guests inside, or outside the reception area. Gelato is a delicious ice cream that can be served after the meal. It goes well with other desserts, too. Some gelato carts are self-serve, so the guests can help themselves. They often have multiple flavors to choose from and are set up by the ice cream catering company.

Serve Ice Cream As Part of the Meal

You can serve an ice cream dessert as part of your sit-down or buffet meal. Grilled fruit with ice cream is a refreshing treat. Ice cream sandwiches, ice cream cones, or sorbet can hit the spot at weddings. You could also serve churros and ice cream instead of cake at the end of the meal. When you have a late-night wedding with dancing, you could serve small milkshakes instead of ice cream, or mini-ice cream cones instead of the large ones.

These are some ice cream catering ideas you can incorporate into your wedding reception plans. Ice cream will definitely keep your wedding unique and memorable. For more information, reach out to Gelato Brothers!