Welcome to our page on branding and access to our images for your project. Gelato Brothers® and Brew Bros® symbols are registered trademarks and are protected from unauthorized use.  We have built this page to be a guidline to using the image(s) properly and with our permission. 

There are two protected marks for Gelato Brother.  One is a round symetricial image and the other is a landscape image. 

Brew Bros coffee line has one round protected mark.

When possible the marks are to be used with transparent background if you have a white or nearly white background.  If you background is dark then there must be a white background placed over these transparent images. 

We are offering these image in a few sizes and formats.  Please let us know if you have trouble using these images and always email your final use of our mark with your project to owners@gelatobrothers.com 

The use of our mark is very important to our brand standard and we appreciate you taking the time to read and heed these guidlines.

Shawn and Priscilla Wilmoth

Founders, Gelato Brothers